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Hattie Daniels-Rush (President)

Commissioner Daniels-Rush is a Spirit-filled Christian therapist whose life reflects an active use of spiritual gifts and a desire to  complete her God-given assignment to help others pursue excellence.

Commissioner Rush holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education, Master of Science degree in Social Work. Commissioner Daniels-Rush is a licensed independent clinical therapist, marriage and family therapist, sex therapist, school design specialist and consultant.

Commissioner Hattie Daniels-Rush is a national workshop and conference presenter, former host of the weekly radio talk show, “The Empowered You”.  She is also the author of Talitha Cumi; Principles, Methods and Techniques of Effective Christian Counseling; The Miseducation of the At- Risk Child and other publications.

Commissioner Daniels-Rush close work with community based organizations, business and political groups has led to her receiving multiple awards and executive appointments.  WMCS 1290 and the Board of Milwaukee County Supervisors presented leadership awards to Commissioner Rush for over twenty years of community service.  Mayor John Norquist named Commissioner Rush as the city’s Faith Based Liaison in 2001.  Commissioner Rush was a presenter at the White House Faith Based Conference in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL.  In 2003, President George W. Bush appointed her to serve as Commissioner of Presidential Scholars.  She was also appointed as the Director of Community Relations, for County Executive Scott Walker in 2007.   Commissioner Rush has also worked as a class room teacher, case manager for exceptional education children, school social worker, program coordinator and school administrator.


Commissioner Rush is the proud daughter of Mr. John Daniels, Sr. and Mother Kathryn Daniels.  She has been marred to her wonderful and devoted husband, Robert for over thirty years.  The couple was blessed with one daughter, Ericka Kathryn Rush.


Commissioner Daniels-Rush is an active member of Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop Sedgwick Daniels.  Holy Redeemer recognized Commissioner Daniels-Rush as the Woman of the Year in 1985 and The Most Outstanding Parent in 1987.


Presently, Commissioner Rush serves her church, community, and nation in the following capacities:


  • Vice President --- Hyssop Diagnostic and Treatment Center

  • Administrator --- HR Educational Possentem

  • International Consultant and Trainer --- Hattie Daniels-Rush Institute

  • Board Member --- Christian Business and Professional Alliance

  • Board Member --- V&J Holding, Inc. (America’s Largest Minority Owned Food Franchises: Burger King & Pizza Hut)

  • Board Member --- COGIC Social Services

  • Board Member --- Salvation Army Advisory Board (Former)

  • Board Member --- St. Michaels’s Hospital Foundation Board (Advisory) (Former)

  • Panel Presenter --- White House Faith Based and Community Based Office (National)

  • Chairwoman for the African American Wisconsin Republican Party

  • Advisory Board Member for the National Republican Party

  • Advisory Board on Women Affairs of Africa

  • Board Member/ Commissioner --- Social Development Commission

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